Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced and passionate dog people who, like you, want the best for your pet. Everyone has been put through vigorous belly scratching, tail wagging, and fetch trials to ensure top quality care.


Colleen Safford

Meet Colleen! She is one of NYC’s most recognized dog trainers and the owner of New York Walk & Train, Far Fetched Acres and The Doggy Doula. Colleen’s fun and effective methods of training and top notch pet care, have earned her the Best of NY title from New York Magazine and Metro City Tails magazine. As host of The Family Pet on Pet Life Radio, Colleen addresses common child-pet issues, appropriate pet selection, and child-friendly training techniques.


John Manning

Meet John! He is the owner, Director of Operations and all things business here at Far Fetched Acres. Sure we can give him a fancy title, but the truth is, we´re all directed by the dogs in our care, and providing for them is John’s top priority. Scooping poop, sending out invoices, driving our doggy van and working to hone the skills of our board and train guests is all in a day´s work for John at Far Fetched Acres.


Jenna Lamond

Business Office Manager

Meet Jenna! Looks can be deceiving and Jenna is walking proof of that. Upon first glance Jenna is sleek and stylish like a Whippet, but once the personality comes out - she ain’t nothing but a hound dog. You may have noticed by now, that Jenna is not the Golden Retriever in the photo above. While Jenna is feeling camera shy at the moment, we decided to use a photo of Sunny (an FFA camper) who decided to play Office Manager for a night. Stay tuned for a photo of the infamous Jenna! In true hound fashion, Jenna loves a good hunt ( for vintage dresses of course ) but can transition flawlessly to show that under all that motivation and work ethic, she is as empathetic and helpful as can be. When Jenna is not hunting down vintage attire or taking sewing lessons on her days off, you can find her tending to her three teenage sons, supporting their many extracurricular passions, and attending the occasional Broadway performance. When she’s not busy with boarding reservations or organizing, you can find Jenna cuddling your pup in the office. At home Jenna makes sure to dish out the love to her pets as well; which include two adopted cats from Columbia Greene Humane Society, her rescued Puerto Rican Sato Puppy, adopted Alabama hound Pique, and their 14 chickens. With aspirations to be a nun while growing up, it may come as a shock to that she landed in this industry. We are so thankful she did though, as Far Fetched Acres would not be the same without her or her vintage dresses.  


Paige Keller

Team Lead Counselor / Board - Train Team

Meet Paige! Always busy and eager to please, you could say Paige is the Border Collie of the Far Fetched Acres family. With three border collies of her own, it makes sense that Paige likes to work hard and play harder. When Paige is not herding groups of playful campers, she stays busy on her family dairy farm, trail riding and taking care of her own herd of fur children which include her three border collies, two cats, three horses and six chickens. Growing up with the goal of becoming a Veterinarian, Paige was destined for a future full of animals and takes pride in all aspects of your pet’s well-being. She enjoys the hustle and bustle of camp life, as well as the opportunities to interact with a variety of dogs. In Paige’s own words “if I weren’t so damn good at my job I would probably still be finding a way to work with animals, whether that be jumping in and helping on my husband’s dairy farm or another aspect of animal care.” Like all counselors at Far Fetched Acres, Paige is an advocate for understanding your dog’s body language, behaviors, and quirks. Advancing this area of her skill set has been one of Paige’s favorite elements of working at Far Fetched Acres. In addition to her dog whispering, Paige is an irreplaceable team-lead for her fellow counselors, who understands that like dogs not every human communicates and handles situations the same. 


Taylor jennings

Jack Russell of All Trades

Meet Taylor! Unlike her position leads one to infer, Taylor is anything but a Jack Russell Terrier. We like to believe Taylor is more suited to the Goldendoodle breed. True to the breed’s disposition, Taylor is friendly, funny, and loyal. As the Far Fetched Acres family knows, Taylor is easily bored with the mundane day to day schedule and is best behaved when given a project or task to tackle, like designing this website. These projects are what you can usually find Taylor up to in the office in between activities with the campers. In her free time Taylor enjoys painting, skiing, hiking with her two mutts and one dachshund, and snuggling with her son Grayson before he’s “too cool for that”. Taylor’s favorite attribute that dog’s possess is their ability to communicate with humans non-verbally by using their tails, ears, and eyes. Growing up with aspirations of becoming a veterinarian and a few years experience as local Veterinary Technician, it’s no wonder Taylor ended up at Far Fetched Acres for a change in pace. She is glad to have discovered working with dogs is possible outside the sterile environment of a Veterinary practice and instead in the camp fields of Far Fetched Acres. If Taylor wasn’t so damn good at her job, she would most likely be chasing her tail and the next adventure in her vintage canned ham camper.


Vienna andresen

Head Groomer

Meet Vienna! Vienna is known around camp as the Labrador Retriever, due to her undying love of fun and adventures. Like a Labrador Retriever, Vienna is able to see the best in everyone. She understands that every human and dog are not created equal and that our flaws do not define who you are. Vienna’s favorite characteristic of dogs is their ability to LOVE above all else. Vienna enjoys spending her time at camp surrounded by beings with no concepts of status, power, or money. Among many things about life at Far Fetched Acres, Vienna enjoys an environment in which she can offer stress-free grooming to improve your dog’s head to tail experience. Vienna, like her Lab counterpart, enjoys the simple things in life including hiking, photography, and drawing. When she isn’t styling your dog, you can find Vienna with her husband, two dogs, and cat in their 200 square foot tiny house! With aspirations of settling in the Veterinary field growing up, we think Vienna came pretty dang close to fulfilling her dreams! She spends her days ensuring that your pup looks good, feels good, and is treated like one of her own. Vienna finds that the most inspiring part of life at Far Fetched Acres is the recent welcoming of foster dogs to camp. She enjoys time spent with her team preparing, socializing, and training the foster pups for life at their forever homes. If Vienna weren’t so damn good at her job she is convinced she would be a yoga instructor (dog friendly of course). 


Danielle Revette

Camp Counselor

Meet Danielle! As we all know, a Golden Retriever is essential in living the American Dream. Funny, outgoing, and personable are all words used to describe our family’s Golden, Danielle. Living up to the breed’s reputation, Danielle is loyal and loves to learn new tricks. When she isn’t cracking jokes, you may find her playing sports or out exploring the Hudson Valley on hikes with her Great Dane, two English Mastiffs, and German Shepherd. When she isn’t in a dog pile at her house, you can guarantee she is here at Far Fetched Acres. There are plenty of things Danielle enjoys about working with dogs, but her favorite part is their ability to turn around a bad mood. In her own words, “I’ve learned even on your worst days the dogs I work with can put the biggest smile on my face.” Danielle grew up aspiring to be a K9 Police Officer, while she may not be out catching bad guys these days, we think she does a great job keeping up with all the good dogs. Danielle thrives in an environment where she is able to adapt and customize each camper’s experience at Far Fetched Acres based on their personality. If Danielle weren’t so damn good at her job with dogs she is convinced she would be a crazy cat lady.


Allison Petronio

Camp Counselor

Meet Allison! We like to think of Allison as our bird-dog of the group. With a great work ethic and even better attitude, Allison springs in to action wherever the day may bring her, similar to her Vizsla counterpart. After a long day at Camp, you can still find Allison in the great outdoors hiking and enjoying the Hudson Valley nature with her rescue mutt Parker. Like many in the industry, Allison was inspired to join the team with aspirations of being a veterinarian as a young child. By trading microscopes and exam rooms, for Kongs and dog orientated outdoor activities - we think Allison has found her niche. She is especially fond of the Far Fetched Acres dog-friendly team hikes in the warmer months combining a few of her favorite things. Allison is convinced that if she weren’t so damn good at her job, she would be using her opposable thumbs to be a  painter. Whether handling a paint brush or a dog, Allison seems to master any task at hand. It’s a good thing Allison enjoys making your fur-children comfortable while they are at camp, since we can’t imagine Far Fetched Acres without her trustworthy demeanor. 


Jeanette Kelso

New York City Trainer

Meet Jeanette! Jeanette is one of many herding dogs on our team, and like the rest of our herders, she knows how to get things done! With a mind and body that is always going, Jeanette is an essential addition to our team as our NYC Trainer! Jeanette prides herself on helping two legged parents understand their pups. When she isn’t using positive reinforcement training techniques on your pooch, you can find her out hiking and camping with her 2 year old Samoyed, Marshy! Jeanette’s favorite things about dogs are how observant and forgiving they are and how they remind us to observe and forgive ourselves. Jeanette knew from a young age she wanted to work with animals, always bouncing around ideas of being a zoologist to farm animal care as a child.If she weren’t so good at her job she is convinced she would be an aspiring musician, since she wields a flute as well as she wields a training clicker. Luckily for us, Jeanette loves your pups (and our holiday parties) to much to play the flute full time!


katrina moessner

Board - Train Team

Meet Katrina! Katrina is our beagle mix of the team, since she is always on the scent for a new task or camper to spoil. Similar to a beagle baying, you can always find Katrina laughing and keeping up the paw-sitive energy at FFA. Outside of training your pups, Katrina’s favorite part of her job is her coworkers. She finds work refreshing with peers that are equally as passionate and dedicated to making sure the campers get the best care while being treated like our own. Katrina’s favorite thing about dogs is their resilience. When she isnt training your pup, you can find Katrina training her own two dogs, or exploring the woods and art installations with her partner! Growing up wanting to be a psychologist, we think Katrina found her fur-ever spot at FFA. She is fascinated by the whys behind how dogs behave and uses that curiosity to better understand them in her training sessions. If Katrina were not so damn good at her job, she would be a stay at home dog and plant mom! Luckily for us, Katrina gets her kicks taking care of your dogs and our collection of plants at FFA!


Dani Colwell

Camp Counselor / Groomer

Meet Dani! You could say that Dani is the Saint Bernard of the Far Fetched Acres family. Mellow and full of love, Dani enjoys the simple luxuries of a dog filled lifestyle. Like her Saint Bernard spirit animal Dani loves time spent with family, learning new tricks, and the great outdoors. When she isn’t playing with your pooch, you can find her on one of the many Hudson Valley hikes scattered throughout the area with her Rottweiler mix “Bane” or lounging around with her cats, “Loki” and “Xander”. Dani enjoys spending her time at camp getting to know each camper. Her favorite thing about life at camp is the spectrum of personalities she encounters as well as the unique bond formed between each counselor and camper. If Dani weren’t so damn good at her job she would be working for a simple company and day dreaming about working with pups. Dani aspired to be a hair stylist for humans when she was younger, and enjoys adapting that passion to life at Far Fetched Acres... as she always says “dogs are more fun”.

Claudia Bio (2).jpg

Claudia Sala

Camp Counselor / Board - Train Team

Meet Claudia! As the “Tri-Color” Australian Shepherd of the Far Fetched Acres family, we all know Claudia to be a motivated and essential part of our team. Staying true to her breed’s reputation of keeping busy, you can find Claudia always moving. In her free time she is usually working with her Lab mix, Clover, on agility and scent sports or hiking. Growing up believing that working with dogs was only possible through the veterinary field, Claudia is glad to have discovered her passion for training dogs. Since joining the Far Fetched Acres team, Claudia is able to live out her passion every day. Besides meeting long-term camper, Freckles, it is safe to say Claudia’s favorite part of her job is watching the camper’s react to new situations with enthusiasm and excitement. It is safe to say Claudia has carried this trait over in to her own life, as she can often be found saying that there is always something to be gained from any experience. Claudia’s paw-sitive outlook on life is one of the many reasons we could not imagine life at Far Fetched Acres without her. If she weren’t so damn good at her job, Claudia insists she would be a stay at home dog mom!


Amy Herschberger

Director of Training & Behavior

Meet Amy! As the Working Kelpie of our family, Amy keeps us all on course and ensures we are bringing our all to the team! Amy’s Working Kelpie personality traits makes her a perfect fit for her position of Director of Training & Behavior, as she is always striving to be her best self. Amy earned her certification in Training and Counseling with honors from what has been called "The Harvard" of dog training at the SFSPCA under Jean Donaldson. Amy’s dedication and work ethic rubs off on those around her, including dogs. Growing up with the idea of being a rancher, we think Amy found her niche at Far Fetched Acres keeping us on our best behavior and with a team mentality! Amy finds that one of the most inspiring parts of her job is helping families enjoy every aspect of their relationship with their dogs, as well as bettering your understanding of your dog. When she isn’t engaging and working with your pups, you can find her training and competing with her own 3 Border Collies, 3 Collies, and Kelpie in sheep herding competitions, or lounging around her house with her parrots and cats. Amy runs Amiable Acres and works closely with North East Border Collie Rescue, Australian Cattle Dog Rescue and Herding Dog Rescue. Amy enjoys being an important part of the FFA family, and enjoys helping your pups be their best selves while staying comfortable. If Amy were not so damn good at her job, she would be a stay at home dog mom to her own dogs as well as her house full of foster dogs!

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Now Hiring! Junior Dog Counselor/ Handler

This position is for our animal lovers that don't necessarily have experience working with dogs but have the love and interest in our four legged friends! This is an entry level position at our dog boarding and training facility with opportunity for growth. The Junior Dog Counselor position entails:

*Keeping the facility cleaned, sanitized and organized

*Cleaning and picking up after the dogs

*Maintaining a balanced diet and clean water supply for all dogs

*Organizing and Filing

*Socializing and TLC time with the dogs

*Poop Scooping

*Assisting our senior dog handlers, trainers and groomers

*Ability to work well in a team environment

*Social Media expertise and photography interest a plus

If interested in applying for any open positions, please email a resume and cover letter to

Scratch a dog and you will find a permanent job.
— Franklin P. Jones