Seasonal Dog Handler/Trainer

  • BS in Horticulture, University of Connecticut

Betty grew up on a working farm surrounded by gardens, fields, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, cats, and dogs.  The toss-up between Zoology and Botany at college was won over by the plants, leading to a Degree in Horticulture, a career as a gardener, and the nerdiness to care that the scientific name of "dogwood" was changed from "Cornus" to "Benthamidia" (a pox on taxonomists!). 

Betty was never far from the animal world, however, and has had a lifelong connection to dogs and horses.  Currently two chubby horses, two demanding cats, and four perfect-in-every-way dogs reside with her.  Australian Shepherds are her breed of choice.  She focuses on gardening during the summer, but spends winters with the happy, ever-changing crew of Camp FFA pooches that she cares for like her own.