Becky Stowe

CPDT-KA, Dog Trainer

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer, KA, CCPD
  • Professional Responder, ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Behavior Team
  • Certificate in Shelter Training and Welfare, Karen Pryor Academy
  • Certificate in Animals and Human Health, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work
  • Attended Hunter College Animal Behavior and Conservation Program

In 2007, when Becky began training her dog Blaise as a Therapy Dog, she fell headfirst into the world of Canine Nerddom and has never left. After a three-decade career in publishing, Becky changed course and went back to school to study Animal Behavior. She began volunteering at a shelter, which eventually led to working full time in the sheltering world. She has held a variety of jobs, including Volunteer Coordinator, Program Director, Dog Program Coordinator, and Trainer.  During that time, she apprenticed with senior trainers, attended numerous workshops, seminars and conferences, and studied independently through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and Ian Dunbar’s Sirius Dog Trainer Academy.  Becky is a passionate advocate of science-based training and believes that training based on  the desire to earn a reward is more effective, humane, and long-lasting than training based on fear, coercion or punishment.

In her previous life, Becky wrote novels and short fiction, taught writing at the 92nd St Y in New York City,  and edited fiction and creative non-fiction.  She is the author of three novels, one of which is even still in print! She made $1.40 in royalties in 2017!

She is owned by two dogs, Merlin the Aussie and Sadie the Springer, both of whom came from shelters and have “issues.” Dogs with “issues” are the best teachers! Merlin is a show-off smarty-pants with an Expert Trick Dog title; Sadie thinks she’s a Beagle and was the Star of her Tracking class. They are both now doing Nose Work and loving it!